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IT Consultancy

Strategic Planning

 “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Or as Yoda would say……

“Plan, you must, for failure, to fail is planning,” . But, perhaps, failing to plan is the plan, and succeeding in failure, we must. Hmm, a clever strategy it is, yes.

Strategic planning for business IT involves the process of developing a comprehensive plan that aligns an organization’s IT initiatives with its overall business strategy and objectives.

This involves:

  • Identifying the IT needs of the organization,
  • Analysing the existing IT infrastructure and systems,
  • Determining the resources and investments required to achieve the desired outcomes.

Strategic planning for business IT includes the development of a roadmap for the implementation of IT initiatives and the identification of metrics to measure progress and success.

It involves collaboration between Synergi IT and business stakeholders to ensure that IT initiatives are aligned with the organization’s overall strategy and that IT investments support the organization’s goals and objectives. Effective strategic planning for business IT requires a thorough understanding of the organization’s business model, operations, and market environment, as well as the current and emerging trends in technology and IT management.

The goal of strategic planning for business IT is to ensure that IT initiatives are effectively supporting the organization’s overall mission and goals, enhancing its competitive position, and providing long-term value.

Project Delivery

IT project delivery simply means the process of planning, executing, and delivering IT projects on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders.

IT project delivery involves a range of activities:

Project Planning

Resource Management

Risk Management

Quality Assurance

Change Management


The project delivery process typically includes several phases, such as initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and control, and closure.

IT project delivery requires careful planning and management of project scope, schedule, budget, and quality to ensure that project objectives are met. Effective IT project delivery requires collaboration between IT and business stakeholders, clear communication, and a focus on delivering value to the organization.

IT project delivery can be challenging, particularly for complex projects, and requires a disciplined approach and adherence to best practices and project management frameworks.